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Some Intriguing and Unknown Casino Facts According to Reddit

Casinos often have secrets, and Reddit has many comments posted by casino insiders that are quite revealing. For example, you may not realize that the casino you enjoy playing at may be haunted. Many patrons die in casinos while playing slot games or sitting at tables playing games like poker or blackjack. There are stories about other casino goers stealing their chips before an ambulance got to the scene. Here are some other stories about casinos. 

Casinos use faster dealers at night

What you may not know is that casinos will often use dealers that can deal quickly at night. They allow people to place more bets per hour and can close out tables. Some blackjack dealers will deal with as many as 50 hands an hour. You have to make some quick decisions during that time, and they won’t always be the right ones. 

In this context, it would be more advantageous for you to play online. A play from home casino means you can play at your own pace and make more calculated decisions. In a calm and comfortable environment, there is no pressure from other patrons while playing, which increases your winning chances.

Bathrooms are strategically located

Gamblers at land-based casinos can become so engrossed in a game that they think they will miss out if they take a bathroom break. Some of them even wear adult diapers, so they don’t have to take a break. The bathrooms in casinos are not located conveniently. If you want to take a bathroom break, you’ll have to go deeper into the casino, which will lessen your opportunities to place bets.

Casinos have ways to keep you playing for longer

Slot machine music is all written in C Major, so the notes don’t clash. Casinos not only use sounds but lights and physical designs that create an environment that’s hard to step away from. 

The illusion of many big wins can convince gamblers that they will strike it rich if they just keep playing. Even the drinks and food they offer can help to keep you content and playing for longer. There isn’t a clock in sight, so it is easy to lose track of time. This doesn’t happen when you’re playing from home and using a good online gambling strategy.

New decks of cards are shuffled in a couple of times a shift

A look at Reddit usage statistics shows that it has about 52 million active users, and a number of them appear to have insider knowledge about what goes on in casinos. According to some insiders, casinos get special boxes with six decks of pre-shuffled cards in them. They are cycled into machines a few times in a shift. In games where players touch the cards, they may be changed every four to six hours.