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Online casinos and Metaverse, are the projects that will change the way you play!

It has not been long since the topic of the Metaverse has appeared in the folds of a debate in Innovation Technology which does not have time to take shape to become already outdated, pressed by almost science fiction events and news.

The Metaverse, according to some, and many, is the future of companies but also of many aspects of one’s daily life. We talk about it for the economic dimension that could undergo a further acceleration towards what is called economy 3.0; at that point, the applications could truly cover every field of human life to the point of constituting not only a physical revolution of the economy but also an existential one, in the sense of the very existence of human living.

Companies and individuals will experience what is defined as the “intersection” of data and factual realities which will find themselves in a state of continuous and physical interconnection, no longer in parallel but physiologically in dialogue with virtual spaces.

Clearly, the applications of all this new way of understanding communication will implement the exchange of information as well as goods and services in almost all fields. It seems strange but one of these closest operating fields will be the world of online casinos represented by sites like สล็อตเว็บตร, as if to constitute experimentation of the Metaverse’s entry into an aspect of life which is gaming and entertainment.

Much could be said as to why such an environment as that of casino players is already so far in its entry into the Hi-Tech dimension of the Metaverse. Let’s start by describing the great possibility that the Metaverse offers to the online casino player: it enters a virtual reality and not a reality mediated or interspersed with a visualization system consisting of a screen with which one interface via a keyboard.

We also enter a real interactive dimension in which the perception of reality is “in the first person” through VR viewers that make us participate in a game such as roulette or a card game, through an Avatar.

Let’s take an already concrete and feasible possibility: the Decentraland platform that allows us to put on the role of a poker player and enter a virtual poker contest called Ice Poker.

Entering an Ice Poker competition with other Avatars, against other Avatars it would be more correct to say, one must register on the platform, open a game account but, above all, create a profile in the shoes of an Avatar. The Avatar is not just a virtual character but a projection of the Metaverse wearing fantasy clothes, building itself as an interactive character halfway between a video game and a cartoon.

We move on to virtual parties in the Atari virtual palace: a glorious videogame house that is being relaunched with the Metaverse and the organization of virtual events in a location that wants to be a casino and is, instead, a web dimension where you enter with visual prostheses, VR viewers, which allow you to enter this virtual reality as if it were simply another reality.

After that, you can play roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. But also celebrate and participate in entertainment events with other Avatars.

But that’s not all!

Virtual reality has also arrived, which operates via Ethereum, not only using registration and a game account but a real subscription that allows a player to buy bits and pieces of the virtual casino.

These odds are called NFTs.

Through this mechanism the customer, according to the game rules, becomes part of the casino; specifically, the player is as if he were investing in a share of the casino, through the equipment with which he plays, also becoming the owner of a share of the turnover. It is defined, at first glance, and undoubtedly, as an absolute novelty.

Thanks to all stimulating news, we feel like saying that the Metaverse will be a strong encouragement mechanism towards a new dimension of Entertainment.