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How to Use a Flashlight in a Tactical Situation

It is easy to think streamlight tactical flashlights are a preserve of law enforcement officers. After all, the nature of their jobs demands the use of such. When chasing a suspect into an area with little light, these tactical flashlights are an invaluable resource.

But what if you are not chasing anyone? Well, you may also need a powerful flashlight in some situations. Imagine finding yourself out in the dark during a blackout. Your only thought is to get to your house safely. But, like in a horror movie, you are sure someone is following you.

As much as the person tries to walk with a light foot, you can feel they are pretty close. When you peer over your shoulders, the dark does not allow you to see much. The tension going through your body at this point is hard to describe. 

The scenario we are describing is enough to send ice-cold chills down your back. Just imagining it fills you with horror. Yet, some people have had to live through this.

Together with other self-defense items, always have a flashlight with you. Indeed, not just any flashlight, but a  Streamlight police tactical flashlight. We will show you why it can be an invaluable resource in a tactical situation.  

Tactical Flashlights: What Are They?

A tactical flashlight may share some similarities with your standard flashlight. But, it has specific features that make it high performing. As we said, tactical flashlights are typical with law enforcement officers. But other first responders, like emergency medical services and firefighters, also use them.  

Some notable features of tactical flashlights that differentiate them from standard ones are:

  • Durable and consisting of high-quality material. The streamlight police flashlights find applications in extreme conditions. These include fire, law enforcement, and rescue jobs. It is vital to have a flashlight that not only provides the necessary functionality. But it should be able to withstand impact without breaking or shattering. The flashlight should also be dust and water-resistant.
  • Optimal brightness of up to 1000 lumens of light output. A standard flashlight can be as low as 25 lumens. 
  • Lightweight and easy to use. You don’t want to fumble with settings in a tactical situation. It should also not be too bulky, making it hard to carry around. 

How to Use a Streamlight Police Flashlight in a Tactical Situation

So how can a Streamlight police flashlight help in a tactical situation? Let’s continue with the example above of needing to defend yourself from whoever is following you.  

  1. Use the Bright Streamlight Flashlight as a Deterrence

Attackers like the anonymity of darkness. It is not uncommon to hear of assaults in areas that do not have good lighting.

If you have the standard flashlight, the coverage area is minimal. As we said, the output is quite low. The light the flashlight throws off is quite feeble. Indeed not enough to deter anyone. 

A tactical flashlight is an excellent deterrence in such cases. A good idea is to always have it on if you are in a dark area. The attacker will not have the cover of darkness to stalk you.  

  1. Disorient the Attacker with Your Tactical Flashlight

Have you ever heard of the Bucha effect or flicker vertigo? If not, you may have experienced it without knowing what it is. It is basically a disorientation that strobe light exposure causes. When someone shines a flashlight into your eyes, you may experience confusion and dizziness. For some people, it can end up causing effects that are quite similar to epileptic episodes.

And that is why the best streamlight tactical flashlights contain the strobe effect. You have in your hands a potent self-defense tool. A tool that can temporarily blind and disorient attackers. The trick is quite simple. Shine the light directly into the attacker’s or opponent’s eyes in the case of tactical games. It will give you 3 to 4 precious seconds within which to flee.  

  1. Turn Your Streamlight Police Flashlight into a Deadly Weapon

Remember we talked about tactical flashlights comprising high-quality, durable material. Ordinary flashlights tend to have a plastic body. Tactical flashlights, on the other hand, have hard metallic cases.

Many have premium-grade aluminum bodies that are very strong. This is critical because of the conditions under which they find applications. And this is what you have to your advantage in a tactical situation. The durable material is excellent for improvising a weapon you can use in self-defense.

If you understand the Kubotan, you can see how your tactical flashlight can translate into a deadly weapon. It all comes down to how you hold the weapon and the strike move. So use downward stabbing or forward thrusting motions. Go for beveled heads to further increase the damage. 

For larger tactical flashlights, use them as batons or clubs. Put plenty of motion into the swing for maximum impact. Go for the head, ribs, face, or collarbone. These are very sensitive areas and will temporarily disable your attacker. 

  1. Get Out of Tough Spots with Your Tactical Flashlight

Your streamlight tactical flashlight can get you out of an emergency. When choosing one, look for those with a bezel or serrated edges.

Let’s say you cannot get out of your car. The bezel edge will give you a tool to break the car windows. You can then exit the vehicle to safety. Of course, it will depend on the size of the flashlight. A tiny one may not be ideal in such situations. You can also expect to expend quite a bit of energy. As you can expect, car windows can be pretty tough. 

The other alternative is to use the flashlight to call for help. You can alert passersby of your presence with the most basic SOS code. That is the continuous and rapid putting on and off of the flashlight. 

Finally, you will need a tactical flashlight if using a firearm in the dark. In a dark room or environment, illumination will be necessary. And since the tactical torches are waterproof, you can also use them in wet weather. 

Final Thoughts

Streamlight tactical flashlights provide so many functionalities in tactical situations. The most obvious is to provide illumination, which can scare away attackers. The flashlight can blind the attackers and give you a great weapon. 

You can also signal for help with the SOS functionality. If you are using a firearm, you will need illumination from the torch. Finally, tactical flashlights can give you a tool to break through glass surfaces.