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Get Great Online Running Experience with Vingo

If you love working out on your treadmills, then you will love this new app. It is called Vingo and people use it to transform their treadmill running into Online running. Vingo transforms your boring treadmill routine into an online adventure by giving you an outdoor experience through its amazing Virtual Reality technology. Here are some amazing features about the app that you should know.

Immerse yourself into this Holistic App

The app combines virtual reality with social media connectivity. It provides you stunning visuals and sceneries to take your mind away from the stress and strain of running. It also has some cool features like voice chat, avatars, etc., all of which you can customise to your needs. It can be paired with any treadmill model easily. All you need is your smart phone with the app installed in it. You can pair your phone with your treadmill via Bluetooth and you are all set for your online adventures.

Stunning VR Visuals To Keep You Entertained

The most striking feature of the app is its virtual reality maps. From mountains, and forests, to beaches, and plains, there are a lot of landscapes loaded into the app. You can select from a wide variety of spots and explore them one by one. You can even explore the locations by trying different routes within them. To enjoy these sceneries better, use a wider screen and place it before your treadmill while you start Indoor running.

Get Peer Support From Fellow Runners

As you run into these virtual locations, you will notice a lot of different people joining you on those tracks. They can be from anywhere in the world and you can interact with them through the voice chat feature. Talk to them, befriend them, and you can team up with them to improve your training. You can find well trained athletes joining in too. You can get expert advice from them as to how you can train better and get fitter.

Join Groups and Communities and Find Your Work-out Buddies

There are a lot of groups and communities that have come up inside the Online running app. These communities are started and maintained by the users who bring together people sharing similar interests in running. You can join these communities and find your tribe of people who could help you train well. Or, you can even start your own communities and help other people too.

Get Constant Motivation & Share Your Journey in Social Media

With so many people around you in the online world, you can find a lot of motivation to help you push forward. You can contribute to the communities by motivating other people too. Some people use Vingo as a biking app and go for online cycling trips inside it. You can shift between running and cycling whenever you want. Also, you can connect the app with your social media accounts too. This way you can update your progress to all your followers from within the app.