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A step-by-step guide on preparing for the SBI clerk exams

Banking examinations require focus and preparation. To begin your career as a clerk, you must start preparing for the clerk exams by attaining details online. For instance, if you want to join a reputed bank like the State Bank of India (SBI), you can find details on the SBI clerk notification webpage. You can gain information on the syllabus and topics. Make sure you download the pdf files with a wide range of exam-related topics from the bank preparation websites. Preparing for exams can be challenging, and it is a must to understand how to prepare. So, with the help of this article, you can prepare for it confidently. Following are a few tips.

  1. Begin your preparations early: You must always begin your preparations a year before the examinations because it helps you to study and memorise a wide range of topics. So, you will have to download some e-books and get updated on current events. You must ensure to get the best study material. And don’t forget to take notes while preparing. If you are attending a coaching class, you must take at least 2 hours to prepare daily. If you study a day before the exams, it might be challenging to answer most questions. 
  1. Prepare a schedule or timetable for studying: You must make a schedule or timetable for your studies. For instance, you can complete two topics daily but keep a day of every week only for revision purposes. You can divide topics into easy, medium and challenging sections. But make sure that your timetable doesn’t have repetitive topics. You can find topics that have more weight and practise them more. But that doesn’t mean you leave the other topics or stop practising them entirely. Set your schedule with breaks or a snack before you study again. 
  1. Finish the syllabus topic-wise: Banking aspirants can either join coaching centres or attain suitable study material by downloading it from leading exam preparation websites. An excellent method of preparing for the exam is to complete your syllabus topic-wise. For instance, you have reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and verbal ability in English. So, you can start with a grammar topic and practise them. Every day, you can select different topics. But make sure to study different sections. If you study the English language today, you can work on a topic from the quantitative aptitude section tomorrow.
  1. Refer to and solve the previous year’s papers: The last year’s question papers are helpful while preparing for the banking exams. You get to understand the exam pattern, the number of questions and marks distribution. If you check the question papers of the past five years, you might find frequently asked questions which can be repeated when you give the exam. So, it is necessary to solve them all. As a result, it will boost your confidence immensely. Additionally, you can develop time management skills. For instance, you can check a question paper from the previous year along with the duration and number of questions. You can also check the marks distribution for the exam. Furthermore, make sure you practise them and calculate your score. You can solve other papers and compare your scores. As a result, you can learn from your errors and work on those topics or questions.
  1. Don’t forget to revise: After you prepare for the exams, you must take time for revision. Indeed, it will help you to remember the topics you have studied and get prepared for the examination. 

With the help of this step-by-step guide, you can clear the banking clerk exams with excellent scores. You can check the SBI clerk notification webpage and get details for the upcoming exams. Make sure that you work hard and remain consistent with your preparation. Joining the State Bank of India comes with many benefits.