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6Sense raised $125M in Series D Round led by D1 Capital Partners

6sense aibased 125m series capital partners

With a post-money valuation of $2.1 billion, the account engagement company 6Sense confirmed a $125 million round of funding (Series D). D1 Capital Partners took the lead as per reports. According to 6Sense, the funds will boost its AI-backed capabilities in terms of orchestration, predictive abilities, and data-based insights. The company’s goals for product development and expansion will be boosted by this.

In 2013, Viral Bajaria, Shane Moriah, Premal Shah, Amanda Kahlow, and Dustin Chang co-founded 6Sense in the hope that artificial intelligence (AI) may help in completing sales. 6Sense finds contacts, creates focused buyer lists, and assists in prioritizing outreach sales operations through the use of machine learning-based assessments. Owing to its capacity to more effectively target consumer communications, automation is now viewed by marketers as being crucial to enhancing the outreach of campaigns.

Custom Talking Points and Segment Performance Reports, two of the company’s new features, allow marketers to follow clients’ progress through the purchasing process. In February 2020, Next Best Activities, an AI-powered tool that provides business development professionals with an action-list based on priorities. The end-goal is engaging buying divisions in target accounts. This has also been launched with considerable success.

ZoomInfo and 6Sense are essentially competitors. Lattice Engines, Leadspace, and Demandbase are more market players. Demandbase has raised approximately $150 million, while getting the support of reputable investors. However, those who support 6Sense are not concerned and have excellent reasons to stay positive. The company saw its third consecutive year of 100% growth in revenues (2020), and according to 6Sense, which was fueled by considerable growth in pipelines, revenue, average selling prices, and transaction velocity. Clientele size also doubled at the company.

The company’s ambition has always been larger and bolder. This was affirmed by its CEO Jason Zintak. The chance to rethink how business-to-business organisations approach marketing is immense. The company feels that they have the platform, information, personnel, and financial backers to serve as the industry’s cornerstone for B2B revenue technologies.

According to Forrester, spending on marketing automation technologies will increase over several years, touching $25.1 billion per year by 2023. One-fifth of respondents anticipate raising their expenditure on AI, machine learning, and other marketing-based tech. At the same time, this will be done by 55% of decision-makers in the marketing sphere, as per reports.  

Sapphire Ventures Partner, and a 6Sense investor, Rajeev Dham remarked, that they have always deployed heavy investments across marketing and sales solutions. He also feels that 6Sense is a novel company, and a leader in the market, holding capabilities with regard to implementing their vision towards completely changing marketing and sales functions via insights (backed by data), tools for orchestration, and other functions. 6Sense is today the foremost sales and marketing play (account-based) and is on the cusp of future revenue-tech growth and development. It offers exactly what is required by every B2B company, according to him.

In addition to Sapphire Ventures and D1 Capital Partners, Tiger Global and Insight Partners participated in the most recent financing round for 6Sense. More than $225 million has already been raised by the company, which has 300 employees, and is based in San Francisco.