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5 Exceptional Corporate Team Building Activities in Singapore

With the passage of time and technological improvements, the corporate world is confronted with new obstacles, and human resources, or the company’s workers, play an important part in overcoming these issues. As a result, it is more important than ever to have a strong, cohesive team working towards shared goals and objectives. As a result, many firms and organisations conduct various team-building events regularly to assist them in maintaining their teams together and cohesive. 

Some of the key benefits of coordinating these events are as follows:


These activities also attempt to instil respect and trust among colleagues. These actions aid in dealing with the common disconnect between workers and upper management or leadership. Activities that enable workers to consider their boss as a team member working towards a common objective enhance morale and serve as an excellent icebreaker.

Employee Motivation: 5 Exceptional Corporate Team Building Activities in Singapore

Team building and team motivation are inextricably linked. Employee confidence and morale grow significantly when they feel at ease working in a firm where they may freely communicate their ideas, thoughts, and views.

Encourages Creativity- When outdoor team-building events are conducted, workers are exposed to fresh experiences that push them to think outside the box. It sparks creativity, innovation, and novel ideas.

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Improved Communication- 

Team building in Singapore increases employee engagement by improving communication among bosses, subordinates, and coworkers. Improving office politics leads to better job quality and performance.

Develop problem solving skills when confronted with novel issues, the team is encouraged to brainstorm problem-solving solutions. They learn to think strategically and intelligently, which helps them develop their talents in times of crisis.


It is an exciting team development exercise in which the team faces the task of creating a functional replica of Rube Goldberg. The teams are provided with appropriate raw resources for their mission. They must think and plan to win this exercise. Creating a self-running mechanism is more complex than it seems. To make this actuator mechanism operate, the team must pool their thinking talents, skills, and knowledge, which allows them to form a deep bond with one another.

Kontiki Boat Building Competition: 5 Exceptional Corporate Team Building Activities in Singapore

As the name implies, the team must work together to construct a Kontiki boat, which will later test in a boat race. The essential components for building the boat are allocated to the crew, who must construct the boat. In addition, they will be given full instructions and drawings for this purpose. The teams will evaluate based on their décor, design, utility, and coherence. After the boat is completed, it is tested via traditional boat racing.

Bottom Line

The team-building activities listed above allow team members with varying skill sets, expertise, and skills to join and participate in these activities. The advantages of these events are considerable, and as a result, more and more businesses and organisations are planning to bring their people together in pursuit of a single objective. 

Work productivity and performance improve significantly, which helps and makes a major impact on the company’s bottom line. Visit jambarteambuilding.com to learn more about planning team-building events in Singapore.