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12 Actionable Tips to Get Published Within 12 Months

Publishing your book within a year is only possible if you develop a proper plan. If you’re feeling nervous about how to achieve your goal of getting published in a short time, you are at the right place. The twelve simple tips mentioned below will help you get published without making mistakes – keep reading!

1.      Understand the Publication Process

It won’t be easy for you to get published if you don’t know the basics of how the publication process works. Instead of facing problems getting your work published, it’s better to spend time learning how you dodge problems when you’re finished writing your book.

Get started by understanding the types of publishing houses. Learn how you can contact a publication house properly.

For example, if you want to publish a nonfiction book, you can check online resources to teach yourself how to write a nonfiction book proposal and communicate with a publication house the right way.

2.      Develop a Writing Routine

The best way you can achieve your writing goals faster is by developing a writing routine. Having a consistent routine will help you spend your time productively and ensure that you can express your ideas the right way.

Developing a writing routine is a simple process. You can write down how you will spend your time on your smartphone or a notepad and spend your time according to the routine. Sticking to your writing routine will ensure that your writing goals don’t interfere with your personal life.

3.      Enroll in a Writing Class

No writer can say that their writing is better than that of all writers of the world. As a writer, you need to acknowledge that there’s room for improvement, and you can overcome your mistakes to write better.

The simplest way of identifying and fixing your writing mistakes is by enrolling in a class. Working on assignments with other writers and getting advice from your instructor can help you improve your writing faster and write persuasively.

It’s better to enroll in an online writing course if you have a tight schedule. However, if you can enroll in physical classes, you should prefer in-person classes over online classes.

4.      Don’t Fall into the “Perfection” Trap

There’s no denying that you should try to write as well as possible. However, the mindset of “writing well” should not push you into the illusion of perfection.

Don’t forget that all great writers were once novice writers. If you don’t acknowledge your mistake and try curbing your creativity, you will never be able to write something your readers love to read.

You have to let your thoughts flow on the paper and have a clear mindset when writing. Doing so will allow you to do your best and ensure that you don’t underestimate your writing skills.

5.      Improve Your Reading Habits

You can only write better and faster if you read more famous books. The good thing about reading is that it allows you to broaden your mindset and helps you identify the elements that make a book interesting for readers.

It’s better to have some time in your daily routine allocated for reading. You should read in a calm place so you can focus on reading without getting distracted.

6.      Find Your Writer’s Voice

Writing better doesn’t mean you have to write like famous writers. Instead of trying to “impersonate” your favorite writers, you need to learn how you can reflect your persona and your thoughts in your writing.

You must identify your unique writer’s voice to ensure your audience remembers your work. The simplest way of identifying your writing voice is by rewriting the work of famous writers in your words. Doing so will help you identify how you think as a writer and what words/expressions you use.

7.      Start With an Outline

Developing an outline before writing is one of the best practices you can adopt as a writer. Having an outline will not only help you find connections between your thoughts and also help you write faster.

When developing an outline, you should not force yourself to add as many details as possible. Your outline is good to go if it provides a basic layout of the story and shows how you will finish different parts of the story.

8.      Boost Your Vocabulary

Using jargon in your writing will not increase the readability of your book. Instead of trying to add as many technical words in your writing as possible, you should focus on using simple words that an average reader can easily understand.

You should consider learning new words so you can find simpler alternatives to technical terms. Instead of buying or borrowing a thesaurus, you can access online libraries to boost your vocabulary in no time.

9.      Finish Your First Draft

Having an outline will make it easier for you to complete your first draft in a short time. With a finished draft, it will be easier for you to fix your book’s logical/grammatical mistakes.

To complete your first draft faster, you will have to write in the absence of distractions. You should consider writing in a calm place where you can focus all your thoughts on writing. Make sure you turn your phone off when writing, so you don’t end up scrolling through your social fees.

10. Develop Your Website

A website is the best way to interact with your readers and publication experts online. You can customize every single page of your website according to your liking. Other than that, you can use your website’s “Blog” section to show your persona and your thoughts on different matters.

Make sure you set some time aside from your daily routine to learn how you can build a website without hiring a web developer.

11. Get Active on Socials

Building a website can take some time and effort. If you don’t want to spend time on things other than writing, then you should rely on social media to broaden your reach as a writer.

Getting started with using social media doesn’t require you to develop a website. You can easily create your accounts on different social channels and start interacting with your audience immediately.

12. Grow Your Network

Networking is the most important thing that can help you improve your writing and get published. Make sure you participate in physical and online networking events to connect with writers and publishing experts who can help you boost your skills.